Máazo'étsoh Rock Art Expressions

Máazo'étsoh's silver art based on the ancient American Rock Art is his way of expressing the spiritual feelings manifested by these painted and sculpted figures.

Rock Art Inspirations are from the Fremont Indians

Fremont Indian Panels & Maazo Jewelry

Maazoetsoh conforms to the Original Fremont Design

Maazoetsoh LLC Silver Rock Art Jewelry

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Máazo'étsoh aka Big Marble

Marvin lived on the Navajo Nation during the late 60's. He feels very blessed that the Navajo children gave him a name:

Máazo'étsoh aka Big Marble

It was difficult for them to pronounce the word Marvin, and marble was the closest English word they could say, so
“Big Marble” in Navajo became Marvin’s name.


Fremont Rock Art Design

Fremont Rock Art Panels composed of pictographs (which are painted onto the rock) and petroglyphs (which are pecked into the rock) share these trapezoidal features. Many Fremont Rock Art Panels are found throughout the San Rafael Swell region of South Eastern Utah.

Stone is Bigs Canyon Agate


TUFFA Stone Casted Rock Art

Marvin starts with tuffa and picks a relief into the stone. A ancient Navajo style of working with stone only known by a patient few.

His wife says “when Marvin gets an idea for a new piece he enters an entranced state becoming one with the ancients, detached from this present time”

Example above is Fremont Pendant

Below is Belt Buckle from same design

The Art of Tufa

CastingTufa is porous rock made of volcanic ash used to
form a casting mold. The Tufa Stone is cut to the desired size and shape which
often resembles a brick. It is then sliced in half. Usually, a design is carved
into just one of the interior sides of the Tufa Stone. After the carving is
done, the two halves of the Tufa Stones are rightly joined. This is tied
together with a strip of rubber. A "sprue hole" is carved into one end. The
joined and decorated halves then become the mold. Finally, molten sterling
silver is poured through the "sprue hole" into the mold. After the sterling
silver cools and hardens, the carved design is visible and the Tufa leaves a
textured surface on the metal. Jewelry such as a bracelet is cast flat and then
hammered into shape.

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Maazo's Bracelet

This represents the integration of the ancient and modern in my life...

Maazoetsoh Nordic Jewelry

Thor's Hammer
One Vulknut
Odin's Eyes or Rings of Troth


Fremont Indian State Park and Museum

Maazo's Silver Rock Art
was Exhibited at the
Fremont Indian State Park and Museum
11550 West Clear Creek Canyon Road
Sevier, Utah 84766-9999
call 435-527-4631Big Marble 20040326



Natural Double Dome

Looking UP at Natural Double Dome
Found While Hiking
Near Campsite During
Lake Powell Vacation 20060730-20060806 Posted by Picasa